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About Us

Form Services, Inc.
Technical Service Behind Every Product

Founded in 1964

Form Services, Inc. is proud to have been serving the construction industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region for over 50 years. We provide the latest supplies, equipment and an expert team ready to assist with your building needs.

FSI was founded in 1964 by Louis L. Boldt. His philosophy was to provide professional contractors with quality products, unparalleled service and the most cost-effective solutions for their Concrete Forming needs. Soon thereafter, Shoring was offered in addition to Forming. Business boomed throughout the next decade and in an effort to diversify, FSI expanded to include Residential, Environmental and Masonry product lines. Throughout the years, the company continued to align itself with the top manufacturers and to provide new and innovative products.

In 1999, after a process of several years, Lou Boldt restructured the company to benefit his employees by establishing an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Lou Boldt then retired and passed on the mantle of leadership.

Lou’s choice as successor to be President and CEO of Form Services, Inc. was Joseph Papparotto. Joe had been a young detailer when Lou hired him only 6 months after starting the company. Over the next several decades, Joe had continued to learn and grow with the company and was ready to carry on the practices and philosophies instilled by Lou Boldt.

In today’s competitive marketplace, FSI continues to provide to our customers the expertise, knowledge and service pioneered by Lou Boldt and Joe Papparatto and to maintain the utmost integrity.

Form Services, Inc is recognized today as an industry leader in the mid-Atlantic region. We know that our customers want more than a quote. They want goods and services that include preparing the initial bid with the most cost-effective solution and continuing with support in the field through project completion.

With over 300 years of combined experience, our expert team knows that completing a project within budget, on time and without problems requires:

  • Competitive prices
  • Product Knowledge
  • Construction Experience
  • Product Delivery that fits your Schedule
  • Quick Solutions to Design and Field Problems
  • Value Engineering Alternatives

Contact Form Services, Inc., today and let us know how we can help your team make your project a success!

Robert Stumpf
President, CEO
Form Services, Inc.
Kenneth Dryer
Vice-President, General Manager
Form Services, Inc.